sunset volcano dust 1 sunset volcano dust 2 sunset volcano dust 3 sunset volcano dust 4 sunset volcano dust 5

2010-04-17 - Volcano dust in the air from Eyjafjallajökul on Iceland and a few images taken of the sunset as seen from the Dutch coast.
The 3th image shows "the green flash", rarely seen at this coast.
The 4th image has been taken about 20 minutes and the 5th about 60 minutes after sunset. The last one of course with 30 sec exposure.

2010-05-10 - A few images of the racing cyclists in the Giro dItalia passing by on a polderroad nearby Delft, the Netherlands, in the 3th stage of the competition.

Upcoming rainstorm from the other side of the river. 15 photos stitched to a long panorama.
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